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Primary School Savsko naselje


Welcome to Primary School Savsko naselje, and thank you for showing an interest in our school.

The school is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It is situated in the centre of a housing settlement called Savsko naselje. The settlement itself is located approximately 20 minutes form the city centre if you go on foot, or approximately 10 minutes by car or bus.

Local amenities include shops, a library, Šmartinski park, playgrounds, basketball courts, a skatepark, a chemist’s, some cafés and restaurants.



Contact details

Primary School Savsko naselje

Matjaževa ulica 4

1000 Ljubljana


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +386 1 300 01 70

Fax: +386 1 300 01 80

Headteacher: Mrs Verica Šenica Pavletič

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Brief History

The school started being built in the Spring of 1957. It opened its doors to first pupils on 1st of October, 1958. There were 291 pupils in grades 1-8, and school lasted from Monday to Saturday. Works on school continued so the official opening was on 23rd of May 1959. The school was named Boris Kidrič Primary School.

Throughout the following years the school continued to grow – extensions were built to provide space for a kindergarten, a library, a staff room, a dining room with a kitchen, a small and a big gym, a swimming pool, playgrounds, as well as some additional classrooms.

The school changed its name into Primary School Savsko naselje in the Autumn of 1997. Today, it is a medium-sized, state-owned school with approximately 360 pupils in grades 1-9, and a staff of 40.

School Facilities

Primary School Savsko naselje shares facilities with a private kindergarten, each working independently.

There is one administrative office, where parents can enquire about school-related things. To help our pupils study and develop to their best potential the school offers the following facilities and services:

Classrooms: Grades from 1-5 have their own classrooms – each classroom is equipped with its own PC and internet access. Grades 6-9 have a home classroom, but they change classrooms for individual subjects. Each classroom has a PC with internet access, and a projector.
Research & reading: Our library and reading room maintains around 10,000 books. There are also computers with internet connection where pupils can research topics that interest them or that are related to school projects.
Science, Information Technology, Craft Classrooms: The school has two Science classrooms, a Computer classroom, and a Crafts classroom. Computer facilities include a 30-workstation computer laboratory with internet connection. Three classrooms also have an interactive board.
Dedicated classrooms: There are also dedicated classrooms for language learning (English/German/Slovene/Spanish), Social Studies (Geography/History), Music, and Art.
Sport: Pupils can do sports in two gymnasiums, an indoor swimming pool, and an outdoor all-weather playing area.
Kitchen: We provide breakfast, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks; as well serving hot lunchtime meals. Breakfast and mid-afternoon snacks are only available to pupils from grades 1-5 who are part of the morning and/or afternoon care.
Extra-curricular activities: An interesting programme of extra-curricular activities is offered at the beginning of each school year. Activities take place in the afternoon. Most are available at no extra cost, and they run until the end of May.
Special services: The school also houses an educational psychologist, two professors of special and rehabilitation pedagogy, and one qualified social pedagogue.



Here at Primary School Savsko naselje we have a dedicated staff who strive for excellence for all our pupils. All members of our staff, be it the cleaning ladies, the cooks, the caretakers, the secretary, or the teachers, make sure that they put maximum effort into their work to ensure  the pupils’ well-being.

We hope that when pupils leave our school, they are leaving as knowledgeable, confident, open-minded, reflective, and caring pupils who have high aspirations for their own future and who have fond memories of the time they have spent here at Primary School Savsko naselje.



In addition to following the basic curriculum, we also try to broaden our pupils’ knowledge, minds, and horizons, which is why we are involved in various projects. Some of them are conducted on a school level, some on a city level, some on a state level, and some are international. Here are a few:

  • School level
  • Strengthening Pupils’ Work Ethic
  • Sports Challenge
  • School Mediation
  • Read Me a Story
  • We Grow from Roots
  • Creative Writing Folder
  • Drawing a Comic
  • Creative Writing
  • Folk Song – Slovenian Tradition
  • City level
  • Creating Lampions for Decorating Zvezda Park
  • Eco Gardens
  • Violence Reduction
  • Emona 2000
  • My Dream Machine
  • Stargazing
  • State level
  • Eco School as a Way of Life
  • Healthy School
  • Traffic Education
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • School Fruit Scheme
  • Growing up with a Book
  • International
  • International Cooperation with pupils from Austria
  • eTwinning
  • Bike-Track-Bike

Every year we have a contest Create an Original Christmas Tree, in which pupils (and their parents) create Christmas trees from recycled materials of their choice. At the end of the competition we organise an auction at our Christmas bazaar; the money we raise goes into the school fund and is spent on providing school material for less-privileged pupils.

Thirty of the most diligent readers are invited to our Night of Stories at the Library. It is a night full of activities – from playing in the swimming pool, participating in workshops, eating pancakes, to reading stories late into the night. It definitely is a night they remember for a long time.

Pupils with a desire to perform are also able to try their hands at it. They can join the school choir, or if their forte is acting, they can take part in the school’s theatre club. They usually perform at various school receptions and celebrations, as well as on cultural marathon day which we have at our school.

In the school year 2012/2013 we also created our own project called Diversity enriches us. Pupils at our school come from different cultures and nationalities, and we wanted to include all of them in this project, thus showing everyone that we are all the same. The pupils learnt a dance, and then performed it in flashmob style in the city centre:





In addition to experiential learning, which children experience at Music, P.E., Art lessons and ecology, we have recently also been trying to become a model school for developing, testing and promoting Science and Craft. Our efforts have been focused on networking with Jozef Stefan Institute, educational establishments such as Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Academy of Fine Arts and Design as well as various companies, which could help us provide our pupils with as much experiential learning at a young age as possible.

Within the project we cooperate with eight partner schools in Ljubljana, to which we transfer our own knowledge and experiences as well as involve them in collaborative actions.

Our school was also chosen to organise a cultural performance in honour of Chinese New Year on 8th of February, 2016. Our pupils performed a play based on the book Ferdinand Avguštin Hallerstein – A Slovenian in the Forbidden City by Huiqin Wang.

You can see the whole performance, including the opening speeches by Danijela Voljč (member of the Board of Confucius Institute in Slovenia), Xie Duquan ( Chinese director of Confucius Institute), Maja Makovec Brenčič (Minister of Education, Science and Sport) as well as H.E. Ye Hao (Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Slovenia), here:


The scenery and the costumes were all made by teachers of our school.

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